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A senior reverse mortgage loan is a line of credit that is extended to homeowners who are over 62 years in age. With this type of credit service, borrower can convert home equity into vital cash and use it for any purposes. Homeowner need not repay the loan and continue living in his house until death or he sells or moves out of the home.

The cash drawn from reverse mortgage seniors’ loans can be secured in different ways as under:

  • One lump sum cash amount
  • Regular monthly cash advance
  • Decide how much cash you need
  • Combination of all these 3 methods

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Obtaining a Reverse Mortgage Loan for Senior Citizens – Is It a Good Idea?

While reverse mortgage loans senior citizen programs enable homeowners to valuable cash in times of need, there are chances that some borrowers may run into troubles by not being able to pay the requisite house taxes or insurance charges for their homes. An expert could tell you more on the subject.

How Does Reverse Mortgage Work for Seniors? Just Find Out Online Now

Most of the loans are insured by the FHA senior's reverse mortgage but some private lenders also offer reverse mortgages to senior citizens. Also known as Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) loans, such types of mortgages allow older homeowners, who are more than 62 years in age, to translate equities built up in their homes into cash that can be used as and when required. Thus, there is neither any need to neither get a home equity loan nor pay monthly mortgage instalments till the time the homeowner lives in the house. When borrower dies, loan will be recovered with interest.

Getting Reverse Mortgages for Seniors 62 And Older : Basic Eligibility Requirements

  • Homeowner must be at least 62 years old.
  • Home must be owned by applicant.
  • House should be free from any kind of encumbrances.
  • Life of property under consideration must be minimum 20 years.
  • Home should be primary residence of the borrower.

Get Reverse Mortgage Loan for Senior Citizens : Explore Your Reasons without Hassle

There could be several reasons for which you may think of getting a senior citizen reverse mortgage loan. Some of these might include the following:

  • To convert home equity into urgent cash
  • For repaying debts or bills post retirement
  • To pay long pending property taxes amounts
  • For avoiding possible foreclosure of homes
  • To carry out improvement in house & maintain good lifestyle
  • For paying grandchildren’s college or high school fees.

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Pros and Cons of Reverse Mortgages for Seniors Online


  • Secure money in single lump sum amounts
  • Support property tax and insurance obligations post retirement
  • Get crucial cash for supporting living expenses when run out of savings
  • No need to repay the loan until homeowner is alive
  • Prevent house from foreclosing


  • Seniors’ reverse mortgage loans have high origination fees, charges for upfront mortgage insurance and closing costs. These if added to the loan can decrease loan amount.
  • Majority of the HECM loans come standard with variable interest rates and so with adjusting interest payments, huge heap of debt can accumulate.