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Take advantage of our nationwide specialist services to qualify for low interest rate on no documentation mortgage loans online without having to worry about your credit status. We may assist you to find housing loans up to 90% Loan-To-Value (LTV) ratio if you provide your account statements. You can use a no documentation mortgages for repaying existing high interest first home mortgage, for consolidating unsecured credit card debts and paying them off at one go or renovating your house.

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With our expert assistance online, your chances of securing the best no doc mortgage loan rates could be fair as we have a 99% approval rate on fha reverse mortgage. Besides, to help you in finding the lowest interest rate for your kind of circumstances, we:

  • Review your exact requirements to enable you to locate the right options for your situation
  • Demand various reports related to your property as well as current status of low documentation housing mortgage
  • Refer your home refinance loan application to top rated no doc mortgage lenders in our national network
  • Have built strong relationships over the past few years with different types of lenders in the entire mortgage industry
  • Reduced closing costs as appraisal is often waived

All about No Doc Mortgage Refinance Loan Types and Basic Requirements

  • Stated Income Loans: Self employed individuals as well as persons, who earn money from tips or commissions, can obtain mortgage refinance with no document required loans by providing profit and loss statement, latest bank statement and copies of past two year's income tax returns.
  • No Ratio Home Loans: Such type of a low documentation mortgage refinance loans could be ideal for surviving spouse or individuals who are approaching retirement. Nevertheless, to get a fast approval, probable applicant must give proof for having substantial amount of monthly income and excellent credit.
  • No Income / No Asset Verification Loans: It is possible to refinance your low doc mortgage loans without document if you need privacy. However, to get a low doc mortgage of this kind, borrower must get property value appraised, credit report checked and specify down payment amount which he is ready to pay.

The 3 Major Benefits of Getting No Doc Mortgage Refinance Loans Online

The 3 main advantages of obtaining low doc mortgage refinance loans 2016 for refinancing homes are as under:

  • Most favourable for borrowers who have difficulty in documenting their monthly incomes
  • Online no documentation mortgage lenders will not demand any income proof or assets from probable applicants
  • To get quickly approved for low interest rate no doc home refinance programs online, there is no need of Debt-To-Income (DTI) or Housing-To-Income ratios

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  • HELOCs with lower interest only payment options
  • No Income Home Refinance Loans without any application fees
  • No equity is required to refinance your house under HARP
  • Check low document home loans options for refinancing second homes
  • See if you can get stated income home mortgage up to 80%
  • Limited amount of credit can be secured with VA and FHA loans
  • No cost home refinancing options with less documentation