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It may be difficult to get a mortgage with no credit history if you undertake the entire task on your own. Nevertheless, such a proposition can be easier if you get assisted by some competent local mortgage specialist. We can assist you in finding an expert online to get kick started with the procedure quickly.

Can You Get a Mortgage Loan with No Credit History? Find Out Online Today

Although getting approved for a mortgage with no credit score can be challenging, the task might not be impossible either. All you need to do is just take effective steps for building credit before thinking of applying for a no credit check mortgage loan. For this purpose, you can apply and get a low balance credit card, borrow money from at regular intervals while making sure that the debt is being repaid on time. But you must ensure that these payments are being reported to the major credit bureaus in the country by creditor.

Getting A Mortgage With No Credit Score : Learn About Factors That Can Contribute to Status of Your No Credit Mortgages

Utility or medical bills, cell phone payments don’t play any role in building credit profile. Neither do student or education loans. Only no credit history mortgage loan payments can contribute to building credit score provided these are reported to credit bureaus. Most of the home mortgage loan lenders require borrowers to have credit standing for approving applications. In the absence of any clue about a person’s past debt repayment record, many lenders deny requests as they are unable to predict applicant’s financial behaviour and hence, the interest rates which can be offered to make up for the risks involved in lending money.

Getting a Mortgage with No Credit : Here Is a Useful Piece of Advice

The best way to enhance your chances of getting approved for a no credit history mortgage loan is to take some urgent steps to build credit by consulting a non-profit credit counsellor at the earliest. We may be able to help you in your effort for finding the right one.

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Know Why Obtaining a Mortgage Loans with No Credit History Is So Difficult Task

A major chunk of home mortgages in the United States are guaranteed by nation’s leading mortgage servicers Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA. The burst of the real estate bubble that lead to housing crisis way back in 2007-08 prompted these federal government agencies to conduct audits. Findings of their studies showed that most of the loan defaults came from borrowers with “alternative credit sources” or people with poor credit histories. This resulted in stricter guidelines for approving home mortgage loan applications which makes it hard for people with low credit scores to get approved.