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100 Mortgage Loans: Learn How to Get Quicker Approvals Online

A 100 percent mortgage loan is one that doesn’t require borrower to pay any down payment for financing his house. Refinancing such type of a home loan could be challenging as there may be several factors which will come into play. These might include time duration for which homeowner has stayed in the home, level of unpaid principal mortgage loan balance, current market price of the house and amount of equity built up in it. Most of the loan dealers approve 100 refinance home loans applications only if the amount of home equity is at least 20% at the time of applying.

Nevertheless, borrower may have much better chances of getting an early approval for low rate 100 mortgage refinance loan if follows the below mentioned crucial steps.

  • Step 1: Prior to approaching different refinance home loan dealers in your local area, keep copies of recent paystubs, income tax returns, bank statements and existing mortgage loan statement ready as they will be required to be submitted along with application. Besides, when contacting multiple lenders, explain to them that your existing mortgage was secured without deposit and you don’t have 20% home equity.
  • Step 2: Regardless of whatever type of 100 refinance mortgage loan provider you are out to work with, it could be vital for you to undertake appraisal for determining home’s current market value. Borrower must also find out the amount of home loan dues that are to be repaid and see if there is any equity built up in his house.
  • Step 3: Borrowers who can’t qualify for 100 mortgage loans home refinancing through conventional means may look to some other alternatives. For example, if home value has neither appreciated nor depreciated ever since the house was purchased and home equity is less or nil, borrower could check eligibility for the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) initiated by the federal government of the United States.
  • Step 4: If borrower is eligible for HARP, then before researching various 100 percent mortgages for bad credit, make sure that his original home loan is guaranteed by one of the nation’s leading mortgage servicers, Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae. Additionally, he must also ensure that he has not missed any monthly mortgage payment during last 6 months. HARP rules permit only one missed mortgage payment for the past 12 months.

Applying for 100 Loan Mortgage Home Refinance : Things to Consider

While 100 percent mortgage refinance options enable borrowers to secure secondary home loans without need of deposits, there are certain things that probable applicants need to take into account before exploring various available at their disposal for getting their homes refinanced to lower sustainable interest rates. These could be as under:

  • Mortgage insurance premium fees are high
  • Application charges have to be paid upfront
  • Co-signer must make payments if borrower defaults

3 Major Benefits Offered by 100 Percent Refinance Mortgage Loans

By securing 100 loan to value mortgages for refinancing home loans online, homeowners can reap the following array of benefits.

  • It is possible to obtain 100% finance to get rid of a costly loan
  • After repaying loan dues extra cash can be used for other purposes
  • Can also obtain a big line of credit depending on in-built up house equity

Research the Best 100 Mortgage Refinancing Options for Bad Credit Online

Find Out Affordable 100 Percent Financing Mortgage Loans with Free Quotes for Your Needs!

100 Mortgage Refinancing

Tips to Find the Bad Credit 100 Percent Mortgage Loans without Equity

  • Shop Around – To qualify for the lowest and the best 100% mortgage refinance rates for your specific financial and credit circumstances, it could be advisable to do extensive shopping by getting free quotes from multiple lenders online and comparing them in detail.
  • Focus on HARP – The HARP has helped tens of thousands of homeowners with deeply underwater mortgages in saving their homes from possible foreclosures. Borrowers with little or no equity in their homes can still find the program useful if they intend to get low rates.
  • Stay on the Job – While programs like the HARP are primarily designed to help homeowners save their homes, the most important element to get approved for these plans is to have stable and steady job as well as regular and sufficient monthly income levels.
  • Continue to Pay your Bills – Qualifying for the HARP or any other refinance plan can get tougher if borrowers keep defaulting on credit debt payments regularly. To that effect, probable applicants need to ensure that they keep paying the bills continuously to increase their chances of approval.
  • Don't Give Up – Even if borrower fails to qualify for the government supported home affordable refinance program HARP, there is little need to worry. Never give up, there might be some other more viable options available for refinancing homes to lower interest rates.

Obtain a 100 Mortgages for Bad Credit Online

There could be variety of reasons for which people apply for 100 percent financing mortgage loans to refinance their houses. But there is one common factor that assumes significance and that is lowering of interest rate and monthly mortgage payments. After all, everybody wants to save money during hard financial times. However, there could be some other reasons as well.

Refinancing 100 percent mortgages with bad credit : Reasons for Which Homeowners Consider

  • Take advantage of lower mortgage interest rates in the market for reducing monthly mortgage instalments drastically.
  • Underwater homeowners can secure interest rate as low as 2% by qualifying for HARP loans despite their owing more money on their homes than their actual worth.
  • Refinancing can be a great option if borrower’s credit score has improved by leaps and bounds as a result of which it is possible to secure approval for the lowest home loan refinance rate.